Palermo: Zingaro, Scopello, & San Vito Lo Capo Boat Day Trip

USD 42



Explore the Zingaro Reserve by boat, admire views of the Faraglioni di Scopello sea stacks, and relax on the white sands of San Vito Lo Capo beach on this day trip from Palermo.

Start with pickup from one of two meeting points in central Palermo and relax on the comfortable transfer to the port of Castellammare or choose to arrive at the port of Castellammare on your own. Hop on board a spacious boat in Castellammare and begin your journey to the Zingaro Reserve. Admire views of rocky coastlines, steep cliffs, pebbly beaches, and rugged mountains in this protected reserve. Pass by sea caves and coves like the picturesque Cala Uzzo. Dock before noon at the port of San Vito Lo Capo for 4 hours of free time to explore at you own pace. Have the chance to feel the fine white sands of the crescent-shaped beach between your toes or go for a swim in the clear, shallow waters. Head to the the Sanctuary of San Vito, a fortress-like church dating back to the 15th century. Feel free to purchase a lunch of fresh fish, calamari, or couscous at one of the numerous restaurants and cafés lining the beach and town center, or try some "hot and cold" ice cream. Make the return journey in the afternoon and pass by the Tonnara del Secco, an ancient tuna fishery that provides a glimpse into the traditional fishing practices of the region. Capture pictures of the Faraglioni di Scopello sea stacks before returning to your meeting point with unforgettable memories.